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– LAPD Central Division Officer Caught Stealing Cans and Bottles out of Homeless Shopping Carts in Skid Row –


DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES- Yesterday, June 3rd, at approx. 12:45am, I, General Jeff, witnessed an LAPD Central Division Officer stealing recyclable cans and bottles out of homeless shopping carts near the intersection of 5th and San Pedro.
As I was walking westbound on the south side of 5th street and approaching San Pedro street, I noticed an LAPD patrol car stopped right at the southwest corner with both doors open. I advanced forward to observe what was going on since this is an area that usually has a high number of homeless shopping carts that many community members use as a “buddy system” area where someone is always there to watch everyone’s carts while they go here or there.
The LAPD officer that was on the passenger side remained inside the vehicle the entire time. As I arrived on the scene, I noticed one homeless man sleeping right next to the numerous shopping carts that included bar-b-que pits, clothes and other various personal possessions. The driver of the LAPD patrol car was casing the area along the fence where ongoing construction for a new SRO housing complex is underway with a flashlight. At first glance, it appeared as though he was searching for something illegal. As I continued to walk pass, I saw him pick up something off the ground and carry it back to the car. He opened the rear door on the driver’s side and threw the items into the back seat. Instantly, I recognized the sound- aluminum cans.
At this point my curiosity kicked in and I turned around only to notice a pile of aluminum cans in the back seat of the patrol car. I jokingly asking “Oh, so you’re recycling?”. “You better believe it”, he replied. I thought to myself “Wow. That’s a new one on me. An LAPD officer recycling while on duty”.
Then I observed the LAPD officer approaching the shopping carts. As I got even closer, I could clearly see that there was no one in the back seat and it didn’t look like anyone was being detained. Then I saw the LAPD officer reach into one of the homeless shopping carts and remove aluminum cans and put them into the back seat of the car. Immediately afterward, I saw the same LAPD officer reach into another homeless shopping cart and remove two empty beer bottles. He said something to his partner like, “I guess bottles will work, too” and put them into the back seat of the patrol car.
He then returned to that same homeless shopping cart and picked up an empty Heineken cardboard box and threw it on the ground. I then said to the LAPD officer, “You do know that you’re littering, right?”. The LAPD officer looked at me and chuckled and kept searching through the homeless shopping carts. I then said, “You’re littering AND you’re stealing people’s cans and bottles”. He replied ” Littering? Look around here” suggesting that because it’s already trash on the ground it doesn’t matter if he does it also. I replied, “But you’re a sworn officer of the law that’s supposed to uphold the law”…..and you’re stealing!”
The LAPD officer then looked at me with a serious expression walked closer to me and said, “Let me know when you become an LAPD officer so I can let you write me a ticket”. I replied, “Are you being sarcastic?” The LAPD officer held both hands out wide and said, “If that’s how you want to take it!”
I then asked for his contact information. The LAPD officer said “excuse me?”. I then said, “Oh, sorry, I meant to say your last name and badge number”. He then headed to his car, got in and started up the car. I asked agin for his information. He replied, “What for?”. I then said, “So I can fill out some paperwork that’s almost like writing you a ticket”. He slowly put the car in drive and drove off. As he was pulling away, I wrote down his LAPD patrol car license plate number- 1255964.
I immediately walked two blocks to LAPD Central Division to file a complaint. After speaking with the Watch Commander and filing out the complaint forms, I received a “complaint acceptance card” from the Central Division Watch Commander on duty at that time- (Sargent Alvelais #30865).
Soon thereafter, there was a shooting near 7th and Maple where two men were shoot, one in critical condition. Because of it being an active crime scene, there was yellow tape blocking off much of the area. I walked with a friend from 6th street and Maple to Los Angeles and around to 7th to go to the 24-hour convenience store. I was just telling my friend about what I had just seen when we arrived at 7th and Los Angeles street only to see the same LAPD officer now securing that side off the crime scene.
I pointed to the LAPD officer and tole my friend, “There he is. That’s the guy I was just telling you about”. The LAPD officer then noticed me pointing at him at shouted to me, “What’s up? What’s going on?” I shouted back, “I was just telling my friend that you were the one I just saw stealing cans and bottles on 5th and San Pedro”. The LAPD officer replied, “It’s not stealing someone’s property if it’s out in the open”. I looked at my friend and said, “Did you hear what he just said?”. My friend replied, “Yep. And based on what he just said I know he did it”.
At this time, I choose to keep my friend’s name anonymous due to “fear of retaliation” and also a possible pending investigation.
Of all the things I’ve seen in all my years in Skid Row, THIS has to be the most shocking of all….an LAPD officer stealing cans and bottles out of homeless shopping carts. Wow!!!
General Jeff
Skid Row community activist-

Resident Director- Central City East/ Skid Row
Board of Directors
Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council
VP, Outreach and Communications
Co-Chair- Skid Row Community Advisory Board for the
Department of Mental Health