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General Jeff, Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles – Year N Review Reports, FY 2008-2011 Page 1 of 14 ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles Year N Review ReportsFiscal Years 2008 to 2011

Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles

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 Since we started in September of 2007, wetake pride in our collective effort to not onlybring awareness to various issues in Skid Row, but also create viable solutions that continue tohelp the community to this day. Even with the presence of an ever-changing, global financialclimate, Skid Row has always been underserved. Now more than ever, each and every dollar has agreater weight of responsibility attached to it. We at
recognize thatimportance and will continue to provide solutions that will help to better address the issues of ourcommunity with the intention of making each and every single dollar count, because each andevery single person is valuable, and at the same time worthy of living a quality life. Additionally, we are a volunteer group in totality. We do not solicit funding in any way (grants),nor are we affiliated with any special interests groups, politically-motivated groups and/or anyother type of individual or organization that may
appear to have a “hidden agenda
The names of the individuals and organizations mentioned in this document have no influence on or politicalattachment whatsoever to our actions and are merely used to give a detailed and accuratedescription of that particular event.Lastly, please be reminded that we operate with ZERO funding, and
all of our efforts to thispoint have
been done with “
for our entire existence in Skid Row, while stillremaining extremely understaffed.+ January 2008, spoke on behalf of Skid Row at Safer Cities Initiative Conference, hosted by theManhattan Institute, and was invited by various organizations to become the “point man” forfuture planning for Skid Row.
President Obama
Washington, DC
General Jeff’s White House Visit
 August 2011
FY 2008
General Jeff, Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles
Year N Review Reports, FY 2008-2011
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+ January 2008, along with Manuel “O.G. Man” Compito created “Operation Facelift/ Skid Row”, a”grass roots” community effort that focuses on cleaning up the trash and debris in Skid Row andalso brighten up the walls with murals and colors which would give the community positive visualsthat might help to stimulate positive thoughts, thus leading to a more positive and productivelifestyle.+ February 2008, was an “on-air” guest on radio station 102.3 FM KJLH with Music SuperstarStevie Wonder and spoke about the current conditions in Skid Row.+ March 2008, organized a field trip to L.A. Kings hockey game for the Skid Row community thruthe Staples Center Foundation.+ April 2008, organized a field trip for the senior citizen’s of Skid Row to attend the California African-American Museum’s exhibit entitled “The African Presence in Mexico”.+ April 2008, organized a meeting between the Department of City Planning and the Skid Rowcommunity so the community could have input into the City of Los Angeles’ upcoming 10-yearDowntown Los Angeles land use plan, which includes the Skid Row area.+ May 2008, initiated the inquiry and received confirmation from D.W.P. that the drinking waterwould be tested at both Skid Row Parks- Gladys Park and San Julian Park- resulting in theDepartment of Recreation and Parks not only replacing the drinking fountain unit, but also most of the adjoining underground pipes at Gladys Park.+ May 2008, as a result of our “Midnight Walks”, we started working with the Bureau of StreetLighting notifying them of all street lights in the entire Skid Row area that needed either repairsand/or maintenance.+ May 2008, initiated a successful “grass roots” campaign for General Jeff in his quest to join theDowntown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council’s (DLANC) Board of Directors.+ June 2008, contacted Congresswoman Diane Watson’s office on behalf of Skid Row residents todiscuss viable options for those with either physical disabilities and/or learning disabilitiesregarding digital T.V. converter boxes, focusing on the application process.+ June 2008, invited by the Department of City Planning to discuss proposed City Council changesin “Quimby Fund” regulations.+ June 2008, helped to make the DLANC elections have the biggest voter turnout ever by way of astrong Skid Row residential showing.+ June 2008, organized the first of many field trips to the Staples Center for L.A. Sparks games forthe Skid Row 3on3 Street Ball League thru the Staples Center Foundation.
General Jeff, Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles
Year N Review Reports, FY 2008-2011
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+ July 2008, contacted various religious organizations to address the issue of feeding thehomeless and how to better serve the people without leaving trash on the streets of Skid Row.+ July 2008, contacted City Councilmember Jan Perry (CD9/ Skid Row) about repaving San Julianstreet ( ground zero of Skid Row). Project delayed due to multiple new construction sites on thestreet. SIR # already in place.+ July 2008, requested an air quality test be performed in the Skid Row area by the Air QualityManagement District ( A.Q.M.D.)+ August 2008, wrote an article for local newsletter on the L.A.P.D. horse patrols in Skid Row,focusing on the issue of why officers fail to pick-up after their pets just as other pet owners do. Also, spoke to the L.A.P.D. Police Commission at Parker Center addressing this issue.+ August 2008, sent out an update e-mail on the digital T.V.. converter boxes which included thelocations and amounts at all stores within a one-mile radius of Skid Row.+ September 2008, voiced concerns regarding the increase of women and women with childrencoming to Skid Row which led to numerous news stories that continue to this day.+ October 2008, spoke on a panel at U.S.C. for the Annenberg Latino Student Association(A.L.S.A.). The topic was “Mic Check: Hip-Hop Music and Politics”.+ November 2008, celebrated the Skid Row Photography Club
( S.R.P.C.) first “art exhibit” duringthe monthly “Downtown Art Walk” event. Our own General Jeff is a member of the S.R.P.C.+ November 2008, publicly complimented the L.A.P.D. for their “
Night Out” event whichfocused on topics ranging from self-defense martial arts to laws and procedures regardingdomestic violence and other informative issues.+ December 2008, was featured “on air” guest on radio station 102.3 FM KJLH with MusicSuperstar Stevie Wonder and spoke about the current conditions in Skid Row.+December 2008, organized the musical duet of Stevie Wonder and Lauren Smith for “Stevie’sHouse Full of Toys” event at the Nokia Theatre.+ December 2008, co-promoted the “Songs and Operatic Arias” concert featuring soprano soloistLauren Smith. DLANC made it possible for Skid Row residents to attend this opera event byproviding complimentary tickets.