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Here are my thoughts about my new appointment by the State of California; -General Jeff-

Quiet Reflections

Quiet Reflections

“It is an honor to be recognized by the State of California for my efforts to improve the Skid Row community. When I started in 2007, it was an intimidating and extremely daunting task which I knew would require the majority of my time.
Knowing that I would not be financially compensated for my efforts not only was a choice I was willing to make in order to prove my sincere intentions to help the less fortunate, but it also confirmed my foresight of the long and lonely road that would need to be traveled.
With all things considered and to now be recognized by the Sate of California, the implications are too numerous to list. That said, there is now proof that a resident from Skid Row can be at the bottom of life’s totem pole and still rise to great political heights without a funded effort or sustained backing. What is also evident is that even with this accomplishment, there is still a long ways-to-go in this journey to forward Human evolution.
The true hope while working to improve the environmental conditions, policies and infrastructure is that many other Skid Row residents will be motivated to help themselves instead of waiting for others to do for them….In other words “a hand UP and not a hand OUT!!!”
General Jeff
Skid Row community activist-
(3-Term) Resident Director- Central City East/ Skid Row
Board of Directors
Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (2008-Present)
Former VP, Outreach and Communications (2011-2012)
Co-Chair- Skid Row Community Advisory Board for the
Department of Mental Health (2012-2013)
Chair- “Skid Row Public Space Task Force”
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