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Troubled Muralist “dissies” Skid Row community AGAIN!!!!!!

Jeff GeneralJeff Page

Jeff GeneralJeff Page 3:08pm Aug 30
August 30, 2013
To Skid Row,
DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES– Today, the Skid Row community was disrespected AGAIN by the same guy who claims to want to work with our community, but NEVER does. His name is Daniel LaHoda and today and tomorrow he is painting a mural on a wall at 5th and San Pedro.
He has done this twice already, last year at 6th and Ceres and before that at 6th and Alameda.
Today, someone from Skid Row called him a “selfish, opportunistic con man”….Another had an even stronger concern, Brother Deacon said “The problem I have with all of this is why are these four white people coming to a majority Black community and painting Black folks on the walls and not working with us by offering us the opportunity to paint our own people on our community’s walls?”
Trust me when I say that there was even more outrage than this, including a homeless man who first saw them arrive at 8:30am. He respectfully asked if he could “earn a couple dollars helping out, sweeping up, painting or something?”….Daniel LaHoda turned him down telling him that it was an insurance issue, but later told me that he was paying for the  mural project himself…..And you couldn’t even respect our community enough to “give a couple bucks” in the
form of a donation to someone that wanted to EARN it?
Skid Row mural outrage by Blaze 5th and San Pedro
During a series of text message exchanges directly with LaHoda, Skid Row community activist General Jeff stated “While you may have permission from the business owner to do a mural, you don’t have the community’s blessings”.
Here is the entire text from today’s Facebook post;
SKID ROW, DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES– For some strange reason, Daniel LaHoda keeps “dissing” Skid Row with his art projects. Almost two years ago, LaHoda first came to the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council with Skid Row Housing Trust to ask for support for their mural project….There were numerous issues that were voiced to them, LaHoda publicly stated that he understood the sensitivity surrounding these community concerns and would address them immediately- He did not….Then, last year, the same problems surfaced as he attempted to paint another mural in Skid Row, LaHoda AGAIN stated that he understood the sensitivity surrounding the community concerns- AGAIN he failed to show respect…..NOW, today LaHoda was spotted painting another mural in Skid Row at 5th and San Pedro WITHOUT the community’s blessings, but still maintaining that he is willing to work things out.
This is like a broken record and for some odd reason, Daniel LaHoda doesn’t seem to “get it”, or simply doesn’t want to.LaHoda is BAD for our community. For these reasons; 1) He doesn’t live here and fails every time to include the Skid Row residents in the project….2) After explaining to him on numerous occasions how important it is for the Skid Row residents to have a say in what goes on the walls in our community, LaHoda time and time again fails to show respect to the Skid Row community and apparently thinks that it’s okay for him to “do whatever he wants”….3) His demeaning actions are uncalled for, unnecessary and unwanted in Skid Row… There are many more issues (too many to type).The “Skid Row Public Space Task Force” has scheduled an EMERGENCY meeting to discuss how to handle LaHoda’s disrespectful actions….stay tuned.This is an OUTRAGE!!!!!!!

skid row community outraged by michael blaze
Also, here is a recent LA Times article that mentions Daniel LaHoda’s shenanigans;
And lastly, here is an LAPD alert on Daniel LaHoda;
Why would the Skid Row community want the negative energy from this guy on it’s walls?????
The majority of us DON’T!!!!!!!!!
General Jeff
Skid Row community activist-
(3-Term) Resident Director- Central City East/ Skid Row
Board of Directors
Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (2008-Present)
Former VP, Outreach and Communications (2011-2012)
Co-Chair- Skid Row Community Advisory Board for the
Department of Mental Health (2012-2013)
Chair- “Skid Row Public Space Task Force”
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