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Skid Row’s General Jeff lashes out at LAHSA and “Home For Good” in local paper

General Jeff by Blaze

Outspoken Skid Row community activist General Jeff responded below;
As I have been saying since the inception of Home For Good, they will NOT “end homelessness in LA in 5 years” as they so boldly and ignorantly claimed in November 2010.
Either they were lying to themselves while lying to the public just to gain kudos from their peers, or they were lying to themselves while lying to the Federal Government just to get to the front of the line of President Obama’s “Opening Doors” 4.6 billion-dollar project that is run by the Interagency Council on Homelessness in Washington, D.C. (Don’t just believe me, see for yourself)
Either way, they were BLATANTLY lying to each and every homeless individual and family by “selling them a dream” and giving false hope to a demographic, of which many already suffer from mental illness. Once Home For Good’s 5-year window officially closes in November 2015 and they have fallen well short of their overly-stated expectations, there will need to be even more funding allocated to the mental health services that will be needed because of the “false hope” and misleading projections that the homeless community has unfortunately gotten comfortable with and is now wrongfully believing that they will no longer be homeless. In other words, there is no true barometer of how much damage Home For Good will have ADDED to the already overbearing issues connected to homelessness. (Home For Good will need to publicly apologize to each and every homeless person in Los Angeles once their failure is official!!!!!)Homeless (5)
It is NOT FAIR for Home For Good to “steal” housing that was already in the pipeline for homeless persons that are on waiting lists and instead move homeless veterans to the front of the line, thus housing the homeless vet which then lowers that specific demographic, but also creates a backlog for the “regular homeless”. (Please keep in mind that Home For Good has NOT built one single unit of housing for THEIR homeless, but instead has taken away from the OTHER homeless folks that were already in line prior to HFG’s creation in 2010).
And as for LAHSA’s Homeless Count numbers, I’ve been speaking out against their severely FLAWED system for years….They have refused to publicly respond and/or make the necessary adjustments so that ALL homeless folks can and will receive the services that funding is being allocated for on their behalf.
When LAHSA’s Executive Director Michael Arnold states that the homeless numbers in Los Angeles County are up to well over 58 thousand because of the “hidden homeless”, people need to understand that these are NOT new homeless, just “newly counted”….These folks were homeless during previous counts, they just weren’t being counted at all….Shame on LAHSA for leaving them out from the beginning (For the record- the first Homeless Count was in 2005)
This is just one example of the FLAWED system of counting homeless folks of which Mr. Arnold recently admitted was 95% accurate (which constitutes a 5% failure rate)…BUT without any transparency, even these numbers cannot be audited for truth. Also, Mr. Arnold admitted that their transitional housing programs were at a 35% failure rate and therefore were in the process of being cut permanently. (Transitional housing includes the missions and shelters)
In the end, it is the American taxpayer’s that will continue to “pay’ (pun intended) for the many blunders at the hands of these so-called “experts. And most importantly, it is the homeless individuals and families that will suffer from a lack of housing AND a lack of services due to inaccurate counting and data, which therefore automatically leads to inaccurate funding. One of the results of this phenomenon are the thousands of homeless folks left to fend for themselves (think of the many panhandlers you walk by on a daily basis). Not to mention the thousands of homeless folks that were incarcerated during LAHSA’s 3-day “counting of the homeless” event. (QUESTION: Where are the numbers from the jails and prisons regarding the homeless folks???)skid row street life by Michael Blaze
All of this “miscounting” could (and should) be avoided BUT the “caretakers” are “living comfortable” and obviously don’t have a need to see the big picture which ultimately is an improved Downtown Los Angeles. (which is what all the rest of us truly want…right???)
With these types of blunders (and there are indeed many more) there is no wonder why homelessness is alive and well with NO signs of slowing down, let alone “ENDING” in 5 years.
What a waste.
We have got to continue to hold these folks accountable, otherwise we will ALL suffer from their combined inefficient actions.
General Jeff
Skid Row community activist-
(3-Term) Resident Director- Central City East/ Skid Row
Board of Directors
Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (2008-Present)
Former VP, Outreach and Communications (2011-2012)
Co-Chair- Skid Row Community Advisory Board for the
Department of Mental Health (2012-2013)
Chair- “Skid Row Public Space Task Force”
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