General Jeff /DTLA/ DLANC(The following information was gathered from multiple eyewitnesses)…..Yesterday, May 1st in Skid Row at apprx. 8am, there was an officer-involved shooting that left a 58-year-old man dead. He was inside the Green Apple Market on 5th street and Wall street when another man attempted to rob him at gun point. In self-defense, the victim pulled his own gun and a shootout occurred (it was erroneously reported in some news media outlets that the victim attempted to rob the store). It was reported by eyewitnesses that the victim was shot in the face and staggered out of the store. Once outside, undercover LAPD officers that were passing by spotted a man with a gun and immediately reacted. As the victim proceeded a short distance from the store, the undercover officers exited their cars and began shooting. The victim collapsed on the sidewalk in a hail of bullets and died a short while later….(Due to the potential of an ongoing investigation, no more information can be shared at this time)….This information was publicly posted in order to clear the reputation of the deceased, who was well-respected in the Skid Row community and also leaves behind a wife)…..Please contact local law enforcement officials if you have any additional information to offer….Thank you…..R.I.P. by Michael BlazeRIP Kenny

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