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BREAKING NEWS: Skid Row’s General Jeff to run for Neighborhood Council re-election


                           To Skid Row

General Jeff Running for Re-Election in 2012

At the OVERWHELMING urging of countless Skid Row residents, General Jeff has decided to once again run for re-election to the Board of Directors for the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (DLANC).
In 2008, when then-Senator Barack Obama first ran for President of the United States, Skid Row was excited about the elections. That energy was also found in DLANC’s elections which happened earlier that year when DLANC had their biggest turnout in it’s history! (since 2002)….Now, President Obama is running for re-election and so is General Jeff. Thus far, Skid Row is once again excited about the elections. Only this time, DLANC elections happen AFTER the Presidential elections.
That said, General Jeff is also a community activist for the Skid Row community and residents. His long list of successes include the renovation of Gladys Park, which includes the NIKE basketball court (2008), brand new chess/dominoes tables (2009) and most recent fitness equipment-dip bars (2011). Since then, General Jeff has had a major hand in numerous events in Skid Row such as the “Operation Skid Row Music Festival”, which featured well over 30 music recording artists such as Public Enemy (Chuck D and Flavor Flav), Kurupt from the Dogg Pound (think Snoop Lion, formerly Snoop Dog), Mellow Man Ace, Kid Frost, Yo-Yo (think Ice Cube), The Lady of Rage (think Death Row Records) and King T (think Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Records).
Another MAJOR accomplishment happened earlier this year (2012) when both Skid Row Housing Trust (January) and SRO Housing Corporation (March) both completely abolished (removed) their charging of overnight guest fees. General Jeff first started this effort in 2008 when he negotiated with SRHT to have them accept his pilot project that waived the overnight guest fees for 6 months. Because the pilot project was so successful, an extension happened. And quite obviously, the extensions continued until they were permanently removed. SRO Housing Corp followed after countless meetings and aggressive public urgings by General Jeff, which also included powerful political support on various levels.
We have much more work to do, but have SUBSTANTIAL PROOF that we are making a difference!!!!!
General Jeff once again asks for your support as we continue to change OUR Skid Row community forever and it starts with your vote on November 15th during the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (DLANC) elections!!!!!!!!
VOTE FOR—–>>>>>> General Jeff for “Skid Row resident representative”……….and tell your neighbor!!!!!
Date: NOVEMBER 15th, 2012
Location: 114 WEST 5th street (at the DTLA Exchange, where the Downtown Comedy Club used to be on 5th and Main)( formerly Billy’s Coffee shop)
Time: Voting time is from 2pm to 8pm
And for the record, there is at least one other candidate that is running against me- so you NEEd to show up!!!!!
Thank you in advance for your support and your vote,
General Jeff
Skid Row community activist-

Resident Director- Central City East/ Skid Row
Board of Directors
Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council
VP, Outreach and Communications


Co-Chair- Skid Row Community Advisory Board for the
Department of Mental Health
First Generation-
West Coast Hip-Hop Pioneer
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