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Downtown LA Neighborhood Councilman harassed, handcuffed and ticketed by LAPD Views by OG Man

9/27/12, benito compito “aka OG MAN”<ognservicela3@yahoo.com> wrote

As the ” Official Spokesperson of OG’s N Service Association, I have been given the ” task ” to weigh-in on this incident involving General Jeff and LAPD-Central Division.

After leaving the ” streets ” of Skid Row today, especially around San Julian Street ( The HEART of Skid Row ), Association members believe there is a need to comment, due to the ” history ” of the issue.

First, WALKING IN THE STREETS, is pretty much part of the ” culture  of the neighborhood “! It has been going on as long as I can remember. Skidronians walk in the ” streets ” , stand on the curbs, for many reasons.

Some are afraid to walk on the sidewalks ( remember, we do have individuals that suffer from various traumatic incidents and mental illness ); Sometimes there are ” just too many folks ” on the sidewalk at times; Sometimes there is ” just too much TRASH ” to walk on the sidewalk, etc.

If there was a ” law against ” walking in the street, especially on SAN JULIAN STREET, the very HEART of Skid Row Culture, it should be done away with or at least tolerated. If it’s a ” safety issue ” than concern oneself with those mentally ill individuals that OBVIOUSLY need help. I have witness ” butt-naked ” women and men stop buses, stop traffic and the Skid Row community residents would have to be the ones that get them out of the streets. And you what the response of the community is, ” WHERE ARE THE POLICE WHEN WE NEED ONE”!? So much for the law.

Now, the other issue of concern. For 5 (Five) long years, General Jeff, myself and others have sweep up the streets of Skid Row, while ” police officers ” have just rode around and watch. Are they saying that it was legal to walk in the streets as long as we are sweeping up the streets? Are they saying that ” we can’t walk in the same streets that we have cleaned up? THAT’S THE LAW!!

Again, there’s history behind all this! I know General Jeff. Everyone that knows him understand ” he’s passionate ” about things. Speaks his mind about things. His No’s mean NO; His YES’s mean YES; and his Maybes mean MAYBE. Unfortunately, just because an ” individual is a police officer ” DOES NOT MEAN that they are correct. If so, there would be at least 100 CITATIONS a day given out for ” standing in the streets or on the curb “! It would be ” complete nonsense to ” nit-pick “! To pull up on ” every single person in Skid Row and say, ” get out the street; get on the curb; keep walking, etc. TIME COULD BE WELL SPENT doing other things.

Well, it the within the officer power of authority. That kind of thinking kept RAMPART in business far too long.

Many officer push that “TO SERVE &TO PROTECT”, but Skid Row needs ” veteran police, not rookies that understand it ” TO SERVE & RESPECT”. We need veteran officers like Captain Andrew Smith, Officer Julie Munson,Officer Deon Joseph, Officer S. Nichols, Officer Andre Dawson, Officer Jack Richter, etc. ( there are others. Apologize if I left you out, but ladies and gentlemen know who you are ).

That’s why veteran officers can get so much done. They get respected because they give respect. Respect helps an officer go a long, long, long way, so they can SERVE & PROTECT.

Sincerely & Respectfully,

Manuel Benito Compito
aka OG Man
Official Spokesperson
OG’s N Service Association
http://www.goggle (Manuel Compito)

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