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Skid Row Activist General Jeff Once Again Bullied and Harassed by LAPD

































                                                                       September 27, 2012
To all,
Last night apprx. 9:30 pm in Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Councilmember General Jeff, who represents the Skid Row residents, was once again harassed with “BULLY TACTICS” by LAPD Central Division officers.
While speaking with community residents on San Julian Street near 5th street in front of San Julian Park, outspoken Skid Row community activist General Jeff was detained, handcuffed, illegally searched, “bullied” and then issued a citation for “standing in the street obstructing traffic”. An LAPD patrol car passed by Jeff and the others, put the car in reverse and backed up pass the group and then two officers Ojeda, E. (#40501) and Nguyen (40299) exited the vehicle and cited Jeff for “standing in the street obstructing traffic 21956(a)vc. (Fact: If the officers could drive by both forward and in reverse while traveling southbound on San Julian street, it is NOT possible for General Jeff to “stand in the street and obstruct traffic”?)
The officers aggressively put General Jeff in handcuffs to “detain” him, then illegally searched him stating that it was for “their safety”. Jeff immediately sensing improper behavior by the officers, requested for a Supervisor. Soon thereafter Supervisor Sgt. Kinney (#30397) arrived on the scene, along with three other patrol cars Garcia (#38182), Desmore (#37274) and Park (#39940). Sgt. Kinney NEVER pulled the first two officers to the side to inquire about the situation and had an unnecessarily aggressive tone towards General Jeff the entire time and was extremely sarcastic when answering legitimate questions asked by Jeff. His aggressive demeanor and negative tone was “unprofessional” and unnecessary for such a minor infraction. (At one point Sgt. Kinney first claimed to know of General Jeff, but later stated that “he didn’t know Jeff” and CONTRADICTED himself many times during the entire process….as the Lead On-Scene Supervisor, this is unacceptable)
At the same time, Officer Garcia was “staring down” General Jeff “the entire time” he was on scene. It was so blatant that at one point Jeff asked him “Why are you staring at me like that?” Sgt. Kinney jumped in and stated that “We can look at whoever we want to however we want to!”. General Jeff felt that this was equivalent to the same “BULLY TACTICS” from years prior when LAPD Central Division officers targeted him, arresting him 6 times in less than 30 days for minor infractions, which included twice for “standing in the street”, once for “littering”, once for “open container” and another for “loitering”. Of all those previous harassing stops, all but one was either thrown out in court or the officers failed to appear in court. The one conviction, also for standing in the street, was the result of a technical flaw as the judge in that case caught the officer switching his story several times, yet still voted in his favor.
To continue, immediately after signing the notice to appear, General Jeff walked to LAPD’s Central Division and asked to speak with the Watch Commander. Sgt. Amez? (#26009?)- (illegible writing) came to the desk and once Jeff stated that he wanted to file a complaint against Central Division officers his demeanor and tone turned aggressive towards Jeff. Once Jeff began to explain the situation, Sgt. Amez? began to ask aggressive and sarcastic questions without either recording and/or documenting the complaint. He stated that “he needed to hear what it was about first” seemingly to imply that if he found it not to be valid, he wouldn’t make a report and/or file the complaint. After filing several complaints in the past, this was obviously NOT proper procedure.
General Jeff then asked for Sgt. Amez’s? badge number and last name. Sgt. Amez then scribbled an illegible identification of himself on a business card. Jeff then left Central Division without being able to legally file a complaint against LAPD Central Division officers. His only other option is to go to LAPD’s Internal Affairs. Jeff will also file a complaint with the Department of Justice and also speak before the LAPD Police Commission, just as he has done in the past.
Overall, the aggressive “BULLY TACTICS” and sarcastic demeanor by LAPD Central Division officers appears to be an “ABUSE OF POWER” and also their on-going HARASSMENT of General Jeff once again continues an apparent “lack of respect” for the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council and also for a Skid Row resident that for the last 5 years has been positively making a difference in his community.
This is an outrage! LAPD, and more specifically Central Division, has got to do a much better job of policing in their district. If they don’t know who the positive people are in the community, the lack of positive change will be because of THEM and NOT the community residents!
General Jeff
Skid Row community activist-

Resident Director- Central City East/ Skid Row
Board of Directors
Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council
VP, Outreach and Communications
Co-Chair- Skid Row Community Advisory Board for the
Department of Mental Health




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