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Trayvon Martin – Pershing Sq. to Los Angeles City Hall Rally

Trayvon Martin was the issue in Los Angeles as it has become all over the world and still no justice, please go to and sign the online petition for his family to get justice. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many young people there many brought their little babies; also our thanks to USC students for coming to personally standing for justice. Pershing Square Park rally to Los Angeles City Hall Rally/ No JUSTICE No PEACE




Trayvon Martin – Pershing Sq. to Los Angeles City Hall Rally


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Homeless, not Helpless Hand-Up, not Hand-Out

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Time for Change Foundation

March 1, 2012

March 1, 2012

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Homeless, not Helpless

Hand-Up, not Hand-Out




March 1, 2012 – San Bernardino, CA – Time for Change Foundation hosted its second “Homeless Empowerment Leadership Project” on March 1st at Perris Hill Park in San Bernardino, CA. The project, which is centered on the idea that people who experience homelessness are rightly qualified to create solutions and advocate in the quest to end homelessness.  The participants were excited as they entered the park realizing that this was their second day of training and despite their current condition there was hope. The main goal is to create the changes that are needed in order to end homelessness by addressing the policies that prohibit many from affording housing.


They divided into groups and worked as teams to select the top two issues they will address using the process of civic engagement.  “There needs to be a housing option for those of us who have income and want to pay our way in life,” said Juanita Burnett, a client of the Time for Change Foundation homeless shelter who currently has 2 jobs and cannot access housing.


The education and empowerment serves to improve citizenry, establish clear goals and responsibilities, that those who are homeless can participate in while we create a targeted message to inform Secretary Donovan, of HUD and other Good Samaritans about the real problems interfering with the goal to end homelessness as described by those who are homeless.


“I feel very hopeful that I will be able to meet with Secretary Donovan of HUD to raise awareness about this epidemic in our area,” says Kim Carter, Executive Director of Time for Change Foundation.  “I am inspired by all the stories and the resilience of the men and women who weather unfathomable conditions on a daily basis, yet refuse to give up on life. They are my heroes!”





Time for Change Foundation provides essential resources through our programs and services to women and children who desire to change the course of their lives by making the transition from homelessness and recidivism to self-sufficiency. We accept all forms of donations; please call our office for more information at 909-886-2994 or visit us on the web at


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 San Manuel LogoSan Manuel Logo


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“Skid Row Honors Trayvon Martin RIP”







operation face lift skid row

operation face lift skid row

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