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BREAKING NEWS: Mtg Thu: Preparing for Big Decisions on Crenshaw-LAX Rail Line


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-Final Environmental Document for Crenshaw-LAX Line Released MTA & FTA
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Crenshaw Subway Coalition Community Meeting
Thursday, September 8th 6:30 PM
African American Cultural Center
3018 W. 48th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90043
(3 blocks east of Crenshaw)
Refreshments will be served
Download the flyer (pdf)
MTA’s Crenshaw-LAX Rail Line Final Document: Leimert Park Village Station In Limbo & No Park Mesa Heights Tunnel
It ain't over 'til it's UNDER and there's a station at Leimert ParkLast week MTA and the Federal Transit Administration released for public review the Final Environmental Impact Report/Statement (“FEIR/S”) for the Crenshaw-LAX Line.  The next step is for the MTA board to vote to certify the document at their Thu, Sept 22 board meeting at MTA headquarters.
Our team of experts has already started identifying major deficiencies in the FEIR/S, including outright omissions and violations of environmental and civil rights laws, which have led to the current design of the project.  The current design lacks a station at historic Leimert Park Village and has no tunnel for the middle mile (between 48th to 60th) in Park Mesa Heights.  Neither the station nor tunnel is currently funded in the project’s projected budget.
Why Are We Here & What Happens Next?
To be clear, right now the Leimert Park Village subway station is in limbo, and the Park Mesa Heights tunnel is not in the project, solely because of one politician: L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.  The Mayor is the ONLY elected representative of South L.A. who is opposed to MTA funding both necessary design changes.  Comparatively, on the Subway to the Sea, under the affluent and far more costly Wilshire corridor, the Mayor has taken a “blank check” approach.
If the Mayor put his four votes on the MTA board (himself and his three appointees: Councilmember Jose Huizar, Mel Wilson and former Assemblymember Richard Katz) behind the Mark Ridley-Thomas motion on May 26th, the FEIR/S would include both the tunnel and station.  But the Mayor voted against South LA and the Crenshaw community.
To be clear we fully expect the Metro board, which the Mayor now chairs, to rubberstamp the project’s faulty environmental document at the September 22nd MTA Board meeting.  Thus, we have begun preparing to sue Metro in court.
After the September 22nd vote, we will have just 30 days to file a legal challenge in Superior Court to argue for the project to be built with an underground station at Leimert Park Village and with a tunnel from 48th to 60th in Park Mesa Heights.  (For more about this issue view our powerpoint presentation on the Crenshaw Subway Coalition website: www.CrenshawSubway.org).
This is not something we welcome.  It was forced onto the Crenshaw community – Antonio Villaraigosa has forced us to seek justice in the courts like civil rights and environmental groups before us.

Join us at Thursday evening’s community meeting of the Crenshaw Subway Coalition as we prepare for this monumental vote and the steps that must quickly follow.

LA Times’ Hector Tobar Agrees: We Must Sue To Get The Project We Want & Deserve
In case you missed it, the LA Times ran a large article on our effort and our need to engage in the type of tough actions used successfully both other communities if we expect to have a chance on Crenshaw.  The entire article, titled, “South Los Angeles Needs to Think Like the Westside on Subway” is available on our website.  Here are some excerpts:
“In certain parts of the metropolis, of course, bringing attorneys to a transit fight is old hat. In South Pasadena, Culver City and other communities that are better off than the Crenshaw District, people do it all the time. ‘They sue a lot on the Westside,’ [Crenshaw Subway Coalition Chair Damien] Goodmon said.
“[ ] I’m not naive enough to believe that the MTA board is a body of disinterested civic leaders who are going to look at the feasibility studies and the available money, and make an impartial and disinterested decision.
“You can’t spend billions of dollars in public funds without politics getting involved. Power relationships determine the shape of big projects: that’s why the trains that are already running go underground on Wilshire Boulevard and above ground in Watts.
“To be treated fairly, South L.A. residents are going to have to play the game too. If they’re going to get their subway, they’re going to have to get support at the grassroots level.”
We need your financial support today to protect and enhance the future of Crenshaw Blvd and Leimert Park Village.  Make a secure online donation via PayPal by clicking the button below.  Any donation is greatly appreciated, generous donations are needed.
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