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General Jeff Community Activist /“This isn’t you!” wrong driver’s license number, wrong birthdate, wrong height, wrong weight, wrong eye color

April 10, 2011
To all,
Last Wednesday, Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Councilman and Skid Row community activist General Jeff was again arrested by LAPD, this time for an “alledged” outstanding warrant that was 10-year’s old, dating all the way back to January 2001.
With the constant and recent “interactions” between the two parties involving other “questionable, meritless and unwarranted” stops and/or arrests (close to a dozen in the last six months), this latest encounter may also include the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, or their affiliates.
At this point it is unclear why this 10-year old warrant never showed up on LAPD’s computers prior to now, especially since Central Division officers seem to be targeting General Jeff, who is helping to improve the conditions in Skid Row by speaking out and representing the community residents and often being recognized as a positive presence in the community.
The ticket was alledgedly issued for not paying the $1.35 fare to ride what the officer wrote on the ticket as the “train”, which has now ballooned into a warrant for $277 dollars. In real life, in 2001, General Jeff was driving multiple cars and at no time did he ride the bus, subway or “train” during the timeframe the ticket was alledged to have been originally issued.
After pleading not guilty and having a pre-trial date set, General Jeff was released from custody where he went to the City Clerk’s office and obtained a copy of the original citation. Upon review of the citation, even more undeniable questions quickly arose.
In less than ten seconds, even the desk clerk at the City Clerk’s office stated “This ain’t you!”, when the ticket was pulled up on their computer.  It was then determined that the many discrepancies included wrong driver’s license number, wrong birthdate, wrong height, wrong weight, wrong eye color and most importantly wrong signature( albeit the height and weight were close). Apparrently, this citiation appeared out of nowhere. It also included an old address from 15-20 years ago.
As a previous victim of identity theft, it is clear what happened here. Or is it? Again, where has this warrant been for the last 10 years? Obviously the issues that LAPD has with General Jeff continue. It is also unfortunate that damage to personal property is now involved. Once in custody, officers remove all the strings and shoe laces from all clothing, even if they have to be cut which in this case several items of General Jeff’s clothing were cut, causing permanent damage. Who is responsible to pay reimbursement fees for this unwarranted damage? Not to mention the business that was missed while in coustody. A focus group that was put together by General Jeff and included an esteemed doctor that came from out-of-town was wasted. The doctor’s out-of-pocket expenses and all involved parties’ time was altogether also wasted. The losses are beginning to pile up.
Also, whomever wrote the ticket also has a problem with spelling. He/she misspelled L.A. “Municiple” Court. It is correctly spelled “Municipal”. For this to be a legally-binding document, the level of accuracy is troubling, to say the least.
If anyone wishes to review the copy of the original citation, please contact me at the above e-mail address.
With so many wrong parts to this equation, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to send a complaint form to LAPD’s Internal Affairs, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, MTA Police, Department of Justice or others. Some might suggest sending a complaint to ALL of them.
Stay tuned, the saga continues.
General Jeff
Skid Row community activist-
Resident Director- Central City East. Skid Row
Board of Directors
Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council
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