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In Five Years, There will NOT be an “End to Homelessness” in Los Angeles

To all,
From ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS, on behalf of the Skid Row community, we are publicly challenging the recent claims made by The United Way and the L.A. Chamber of Commerce stating that they will “end homelessness” in Los Angeles in 5 years.
Below is a link to a recent article from the Seattle PostGlobe which was updated on December 12th of this year. The article is a report on their city’s 10-year plan to end homelessness which began in 2005. In other words, they are now at the half-way point.
( Please note that the below link is to part two of a two-part series. Part 1 can be found by clicking on “see part 1 here” on the first line at the begining of the actual report.)
For the record, we the residents of Skid Row, appreciate all of the attention that is being given to our current circumstances and living conditions. However, it is totally demeaning and frustrating to hear the “unrealistic” solutions being offered by these so-called “leading experts” as if their ambitious hopes will become our collective reality. It does more harm than good to release “false” information to the media. This is not a game. Our lives should not be played with. To use our dire position on life’s totem pole as a “self-glorifying opportunity” is totally disrespectful, in complete bad taste and a total waste of true opportunity to find realistic solutions to properly combat what will be an ongoing problem, not just in L.A., but throughout cities across America. If the catch phrase of “ending homelessness” was merely to draw attention to their effort, it was done in poor taste. They could have just as easily announced plans of “moving closer towards ending homelessness”, a much more realistic statement that can be seen as a commendable effort.
( Also note in the actual report that there are statistical references to Seattle’s family housing, which is non-existing in L.A.’s Skid Row.)
What is helpful about this report is that we can clearly see that “ending homelessness” is a current and trendy concept that is being used throughout various non-profit circles. We also hear the same “empty rhetoric” that these so-called experts try to pass off as “real-time and truthful satistical information”. Most importantly, we get to read the feedback at the end of the report, which we happen to find most intriguing, to say the least.
Obviously, there are “tons” of similar information available all over the internet. Rather than overwhelm you, we simply chose this document to initiate our “challenge”.
Those that are too weak to bear witness or are faint of heart will need to wait five years to fully understand our position.
General Jeff
community activist-
Resident Director- Central City East/ Skid Row
Board of Directors
Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council
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After you get done “kissing the butt” of Maine Governor Paul LePage, please feel free to “kiss my ass” next!

January 14, 2011

and CEO Ben Jealous,

After you get done “kissing the butt” of Maine Governor Paul LePage, please feel free to “kiss my ass” next!

Video were Maine Governor LePage told NAACP to kiss his butt

My name is General Jeff and I am a community activist for the Skid Row community in Downtown Los Angeles. I was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, have toured around the world as a West Coast Hip-Hop/Rap pioneer and most recently have been serving the people of Skid Row for more than three years now.

In all of my life and especially during my tenure here, I have NEVER seen nor heard of the NAACP coming to or caring about Skid Row! As it has been well-documented, the demographics in Skid Row are majority “people of color”, the same as whom your organization claims to represent and/or care about. After countless decades of mistreatment by the missions, non-profits and social service providers, the lack of your organization’s presence is counter-productive to your overall mission statement.

And for CEO Jealous to claim that Governor LePage has “denigrated” his office regarding one holiday event is ludicris in comparison to the NAACP’s denigration as it relates to Skid Row, which in it’s current climate has existed since the mid-1970’s when the CRA declared Skid Row a “containment zone”.

How dare the NAACP call Governor LePage “out of touch” when last June the NAACP held a press conference to announce that their national conference would be coming to Downtown Los Angeles, well within walking distance to Skid Row. How can the NAACP “party” here but not put in ANY work here? And please be reminded that Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles has widely been known as the homeless capital of the world for decades, until the earthquake disaster last January in Haiti.

After first attempting to contact NAACP last summer on your website( with no response), I have already again attempted to contact NAACP prior to this e-mail( again via your website). Myself, along with the many frustrated residents of Skid Row anxiously await for an official response, as well as a notification of when our collective “ass” will be kissed. Maybe during your national conference when you all come to L.A. this summer.

Please feel free to contact me at the above e-mail address, or via cell 323.445.0723.

Lastly, my organization is ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS and we would be more than happy to forward copies of our many achievements in Skid Row and initiate a dialogue of how the NAACP can be of assistance to the residents here. Or please feel free to initiate your own program that will help to improve the depleted area known as Skid Row.


General Jeff

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