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Press Blurb: Hip-Hop pioneer General Jeff turned community activist shaves head to help Homeless Students


Los Angeles- West Coast Hip-Hop Pioneer General Jeff, known for his work as a producer, songwriter and artist and has platinum plaques from working with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, DJ Quik and more just completely shaved his head to bring awareness to a worthy cause that will ultimately help all homeless student’s in America.
For three years as a community activist in Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles, General Jeff has worked tirelessly to successfully address as many issues as he can, thus becoming a leading voice of the homeless, recently being profiled on CNN as “The Mayor of Skid Row”. He has now been tapped to be the spokesperson for a produce company that will donate 50% of it’s profits to help homeless students, first in LA, then in all of California and ultimately all over America. 
The produce company is called Reshoot Production Company( and the project is called “Student’s Produce”( With estimates of 1.6 million homeless students in the United States, the public is encouraged to go to the website and answer four really easy questions like “What is the name of the grocery store or supermarket that you shop at?” and “What is your zip code?” and this will notify the stores to carry the “Student’s Produce” line of vegetables and get things rolling.
General Jeff has a bald head now and doing his part to help. Please do your part by visiting and in less than one minute, you will have helped all the homeless students in America. And keep in mind, no donations are required!   
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