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double-stabbing @ Rossmore Hotel in Skid Row

May 8, 2010
To Skid Row,
Last Thursday at apprx. 3:30 pm, there was a double-stabbing in the Rossmore Hotel on 6th street in Skid Row.
The building is owned and managed by the Skid Row Housing Trust. Both victims are current tenants there. 
It was reported by other tenants that the two men were both cooking in the community kitchen when an argument began. They then both grabbed knives and began stabbing one another. At this time, it is still unclear who stabbed who first. It was also reported that large amounts of blood was visible on the kitchen floor. 
The reason for the delay in our sending this e-mail is because we were trying to determine how significant the injuries were and if there were any fatalities. Immediately after the incident, both men were seen bleeding in front of the building. They each left in separate ambulances.
What was troubling was to hear female SRHT staff tell tenants not to take pictures or video even though they were outside in public 

and blood was clearly visible on the sidewalk. Officers had to rope off the sidewalk and prohibit pedestrian traffic because it had become an active crime scene. 
Please contact LAPD’s Central Division or Skid Row Housing Trust for more information.
General Jeff
community activist-
Resident Director- Central City East/ Skid Row
Board of Directors
Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council 
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