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Breaking News!! – Skid Row Housing Trust named in Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

April 22, 2010

To all,

It’s official! The lawsuit that we first announced last year that was coming is finally here.

Earlier today, I viewed a copy of the complaint filed against Skid Row Housing Trust. The sixteen-page document was filed and stamped at Los Angeles Superior Court in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Due to a pending jury trial, I am not at liberty to speak in depth regarding details. Afterall, I would not want to appear to potentially “taint” the jury pool, even though it would be truthful and accurate information. We at ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS fully respect the American judicial system and are extremely confident that the outcome will be equally truthful and accurate, as well as unbiased.  

The delay in filing was not unintentional. Extensive research and the compiling of documentation, including witness testimony in the form of depositions extended the process. Now, the legal team of the plaintiff is ready to proceed. 

Attorney Mustafa Abdul-Rahman, APC is the lead counsel for the plaintiff. He can be reached at 213.550.4460 for more details.

Otherwise, stay tuned for more information.


General Jeff

community activist-


Resident Director- Central City East/ Skid Row

Board of Directors

Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council

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