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Disturbing News regarding “Urban Connection” in Skid Row

March 22, 2010
To all,
Is this true?? If so, I am highly upset about this.
Urban Connection, which is directly across from the Midnight Mission on 6th street, has not been a good neighbor in our community since they first got here last year. Now, it appears that they are preying on the Skid Row community. This is an outrage if in fact it is true.
I don’t know what the legal parameters are regarding their facilities, but something just doesn’t sound right about this.
Since their arrival, they have simply moved in and started doing their own thing without the community’s awareness or approval. There were accusations of unpaid labor when they first remodeled before opening their doors. Then, they totally disrespected our community by hanging this insultingly gigantic banner  on their building as if they have done something to be proud of.
We don’t like it when “outsiders” use our community for a photo op or marketing scheme.
Now, this latest news has sounded off more alarms.
I ask all those that receive this e-mail to please do diligent work and protect our weakest Skid Row community members from these possible vultures.
Thank you all in advance.
General Jeff
community activist-
Resident Director- Central City East/ Skid Row
Board of Directors
Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council
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