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New Metro 720 Rapid Bus Stop Added @ 5th and San Pedro

March 10, 2010
To Skid Row,
Effective immediately, Metro has added a new bus stop for the westbound 720 Rapid bus line on 5th street at San Pedro.
Prior to now, the next closest stops were 6th and Central to the east and 5th and Main to the west.
Today, myself along with “OG” and Songhai Miguda-Armstead from the City Attorney’s office observed the new stop in action as many community members were already benefiting from this important addition to our local transportation needs.
On behalf of the Skid Row community, I would like to publicly thank Paul Taylor, Deputy CEO from Metro (MTA) for personally taking the lead and seeing this request to completion in an expedited manner.
This is another accomplishment for our “Operation: Facelift/ Skid Row” community improvement project, which is an ongoing continuous community-led effort to improve the Skid Row community. Included in this effort are ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS, OG’s-N-Service Association, the Skid Row Brigade and “Life is… Crushow”.
Please pass this information along so that others may also benefit from this new convenience.
Thank you,
General Jeff
community activist-
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