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 We at ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS take pride in our efforts to improve the conditions in the Skid Row community and are proud of the progress that we are making here. In fact, we have begun to expand our efforts to address not only a wider range of issues, but also partake in more necessary outreach to increase the awareness of the successful and viable solutions that we have initiated. While noting that there is still a lot of important work that still needs to be done, at this time we reflect on some of our accomplishments over the past year. (Please keep in mind that this is only a partial list). + January 2009, Supported General Jeff in his efforts as he successfully encouraged NIKE to donate shoes to the entire Skid Row 3on3 Streetball League. This coming soon after last month’s unveiling of the brand-new NIKE basketball court at Gladys Park in Skid Row. + January 2009, Coordinated a discount tickets and fundraising opportunities program with the Los Angeles Clippers sales department. + February 2009, Successfully contacted D.W.P. regarding emergency street light repairs on both Main and Spring streets just prior to the Downtown Art Walk. + February 2009, Contacted the City Attorney’s office regarding pedestrian crossing times at Skid Row intersections, especially 6th and San Julian where many jaywalking tickets were issued by the LAPD. + February 2009, Initiated contact with LAUSD and 9th Street Elementary School to connect them with DLANC’s Education Committee in order to bring these entities together to better address education-related issues including LAUSD’s Homeless Education Program. + February 2009, Congratulated our General Jeff, who as team captain, led “Da Villanz” to the championship victory in the Skid Row 3on3 Streetball League. + March 2009, Contacted the Board of Commissioners for the Department of Recreation and Parks to discuss the day-to-day operations of Gladys Park in order to establish better relations between them and the Skid Row community. +March 2009, Initiated contact with newly appointed LAPD’s Central Division Captain Blake Chow to establish better relations with LAPD in order of addressing community issues that continue to this day. + March 2009, Met with Skid Row Housing Trust in the first of a series of meetings to design and implement what eventually became a 6-month pilot program that waived the “overnight guest fees” at two of their buildings. + March 2009, Supported nearby Downtown resident Daveed Kapoor and his successful efforts which led to the addition of a Metro 720 line bus stop at 6th and Central. + April 2009, Was contacted by 14th Council District’s Jose Huizar’s office to aid them in addressing the issue of much-needed sidewalk repairs in Skid Row. + April 2009, Supported General Jeff as he appeared on National Public Radio (NPR) and was featured on a slideshow focused on the current climate of Skid Row. + April 2009, Spoke successfully on behalf of the Safer Cities Initiative’s (SCI) diversion aspect (alternative sentencing component) which includes projects such as HALO and SOS, where community members can do 4 hours of community service in exchange for a ticket and also have the option of requesting supportive services instead of jail time. (More specifically, key staff in the City Attorney’s office were able to retain their positions and thus were able to continue to provide these programs). + May 2009, Our General Jeff was invited to write a column that focused on Skid Row issues in DTLAX magazine. + May 2009, Publicly thanked the Dept. of Rec and Parks for their efforts to complete the Gladys Park Improvement Project even while our General Jeff had an extended stay in various hospitals. + June 2009, Attended a DLANC Public Safety Committee meeting were the featured guest was a representative of the L.A. County Department of Public Health to address the issue of bacteria and other diseases on Skid Row’s pubic sidewalks. + June 2009, Supported General Jeff as he was nominated and approved to sit on the DLANC Rules and Bylaws Committee to review and amend the entire bylaws document. + June 2009, Met with representatives of the Urban Institute in Washington, D.C. to discuss the issue of cultural vitality in Skid Row. + June 2009, Successfully spoke out on behalf of LAUSD’s Homeless Education Program that was to be eliminated due to budget cuts. Thus, the entire program and all it’s staff were completely retained, which still is an important segment in LAUSD’s $9 billion dollar annual budget. + June 2009, Publicly thanked 9th Council District Jan Perry’s office for her continued support of our “Operation: Facelift /Skid Row” project as she had San Julian Street completely repaved. San Julian Street is considered by many to be the “ground zero” of Skid Row’s heart and soul. + July 2009, Contacted by the Mayor’s office and asked to assist with updating our previously submitted Skid Row storm drains list in order for repair work to begin. + July 2009, Met with organizations Village Green and Urban Glue from Australia regarding the possibilities of them creating a “green strategy” for Skid Row and also moving their international headquarters to Downtown Los Angeles. + July 2009, Attended “The Future of California” symposium hosted by State Senator Gil Cedillo at the California Endowment to represent the Skid Row community. + August 2009, Supported our General Jeff as he spoke out against DLANC for the mistreatment of the Skid Row community during a DLANC Board meeting. + August 2009, Supported our General Jeff, team captain, as he led the “Skid Row Streetballerz” who won the Consolation Bracket at the inaugural Lakers 3on3 basketball tournament held at Staples Center. + August 2009, Distributed information about new legislation bill AB1177 (Assemblymember Paul Fong), which was to create a California Interagency Council focused on homelessness in California. + August 2009, Contacted by Brentwood Baptist Church in Tennessee, who help to serve the homeless in Tennessee, with hopes that we could send them all of our correspondence regarding our efforts here in Skid Row which could possibly aid their efforts there. + September 2009, Gave a walking tour through Skid Row to the staff of State Senator Gil Cedillo. + September 2009, Supported our General Jeff as he spoke out against Skid Row Housing Trust and their wrongful termination of several of their long-tenured, good-standing employees for “whistle-blowing” and speaking out against their co-workers for conduct that should have been deemed unacceptable by the company. + September 2009, Gave a walking tour through Skid Row to a group of undergraduate students from U.C. Irvine’s School of Social Ecology. + September 2009, Was contacted by producers of the TV show “Wipeout” about our General Jeff appearing in a special show that would recognize local heroes. + October 2009, Supported the DLANC Sustainability committee’s Skid Row Tree Planting project that was made possible by them winning a grant from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in Washington, D.C. + November 2009, Supported our General Jeff as he publicly spoke out against LAHSA’s “Homeless Count” regarding inaccurate statistics. The count was performed in January of 2009 and the numbers released in October of 2009. + November 2009, Joined the Skid Row 3on3 Streetball League as they met with LAPD’s Community Relations Department to hear how the Dept. wanted to support many of our “positive” programs in Skid Row with the possibility of expanding them to other communities citywide. + November 2009, Associated Press released a story of their interview with our General Jeff. + November 2009, Supported our General Jeff as he gave a lecture at UCLA to students of the Urban Planning Department and School of Public Affairs. + December 2009, Coordinated the Christmas tree and lights program at Gladys Park with D.W.P. + December 2009, Supported the Skid Row Artist’s Collective (SRAC) in their debut performance and showing at the Downtown Art Walk. + December 2009, Coordinated two “Christmas for Skid Row Families” programs with both the Santee Court Village in Downtown L.A. and The Hills Apartments in Glendale, Ca. + December 2009, Supported our General Jeff as he spoke out against the LAPD on behalf of the Skid Row 3on3 Streetball League regarding their distribution of 10,000 pairs of athletic shoes to organizations that help the homeless, with none being allocated to the Skid Row 3on3 Streetball League. + December 2009, Supported our General Jeff as he did an interview with KABC 790 talk radio host Peter Tilden to discuss our “positive movement” in Skid Row. Even with the presence of an ever-changing, global financial climate, Skid Row has always been underserved. Now more than ever, each and every dollar has a greater weight of responsibility attached to it. We at ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS recognize that importance and will continue to provide solutions that will help to better address the issues of our community with the hopes of making every dollar count. Please be reminded that all of our efforts to this point have been done with “zero funding” while still being extremely understaffed. We would also lie to recognize the organizations that have helped us to make 2009 another successful year; Mayor Antonio Villaragosa’s office 9th Council District Jan Perry’s office 14th Council District Jose Huizar’s office State Senator Gil Cedillo’s office City Attorney’s office Department of Water and Power LAPD Department of Recreation and Parks Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Metro Transportation Authority Fashion District BID Central City East Association NIKE La 84 Foundation Skid Row 3on3 Streetball League Skid Row Photography Club Skid Row Chess Club Skid Row Kareoke Skid Row Artist’s Collective Dramastage-Qumron Movies on the Nickel S.R.O. Housing Skid Row Housing Trust LA CAN Santee Court The Hills Apartments/ Glendale, Ca, AEG Worldwide Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Clippers LAUSD Cedar’s-Sinai Hospital Good Samaritan Hospital California Hospital UCLA USC UC Irvine Urban Institute American Institute of Architects Union Rescue Mission Midnight Mission LA Mission Pop’s Market People Market Food for You Food for Life Pizza Xpress Holly Star Check Cashing Corner Kafe Associated Press CNN National Public Radio KABC 790 Talk Radio TV Show- “Wipeout” Downtown News Garment and Citizen Blogdowntown DTLAX Magazine Central City East Blogger Scribeskidrow blog OG’s-n-Service Set Free Ministries Community Church of the Nazarene Brentwood Baptist Church/ Tennessee McCoy Baptist Church The Exchange Bert Green Fine Art Raw Materials Weenez The Downtown Art Walk Inner City Arts 9th Street Elementary School Mann-o-Mann Recording Studios Phenomenal Entertainment Screen Actor’s Guild Chinook Productions Forat Electronics West LA Music Although some may think we should, we at ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS don’t thank individuals, only organization’s. However, we do recognize that many individuals have helped and supported our efforts in countless ways. If we thanked each and every one of you, no work would get done. Already, our list has increased from the previous year, making this an extremely long document. That said, we view the increase as a positive expansion of our efforts and in that regard hope to continue to grow year after year. As with every year, we look forward to accomplishing even more in the coming year which will not only benefit us, but more importantly, the Skid Row community. Thank you for all your continued support of our efforts! Sincerely, The Entire Staff ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS

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